London Marathon 2011


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  Patrick died tragically following a skiing accident while on a family holiday in France. Since his death the generosity of his family and friends has inspired us to set up a Foundation in his memory, which will raise money for good causes that were important to him.

Running for Patrick has been a very successful fund raising activity for the foundation. However whilst I have supported past events I have avoided participating because at near 55years old I am too old and the wrong size and shape to attempt an endurance event such as the London Marathon. Anyway imagine my astonishment when my acceptance letter to run in the London Marathon came through the post.  Catherine, Louise, Rory, Hugo, the whole family were rejected, all except for me! Why should I do it? I am not a runner! I will need to completely change my lifestyle, run every other day and for distances and durations that are absolutely daunting! The easy option would be to get someone younger to do it instead.  However, I have been inspired by Patrick.

We often trained together, especially on Family holidays, and I was particularly impressed when he was working for Toshiba up in the City that after a long hard day’s work and difficult commute, he still managed to drag himself out to the gym. So my marathon is dedicated to my son, my beautiful, beautiful , beautiful, beautiful boy. 

No doubt when I am pounding the streets of London on April 17th his favourite motto  “ Carpe Diem” will be ringing in my ears and he will be whispering in my ear “ Come on Dad, you know you can do it”.  So please , please be generous and support me by donating to our Foundation so that Patrick can continue to be a positive influence in people’s lives.