Funding a dialysis doll for Evelina Children's Hospital


We're excited to fund a dialysis doll which, after almost two years of production and testing, is due to arrive to Evelina Children's Hospital in August 2019

The aim of the doll is to help children understand more about dialysis and what they will experience whilst undergoing the treatment in hopsital. The doll will be used as a preparation tool, enabling medical teams to talk to patients who will be starting dialysis.

The doll has dialysis lines, known as a Peritoneal Dialysis Line and a Permacath, both of which are real and functioning – allowing staff to put fluid in and remove it to give the patient an accurate and realistic visual.

This opens up a space for questions, enabling conversations around the treatment types, kidneys and lifestyle. The doll will mainly be used with younger children and shown it to anyone curious about the lines used for dialysis.