Jigsaw4U Summer Trip 2015


In the Summer of 2015 the Patrick Evans Foundation gave a donation to bereavement charity Jigsaw 4 U, allowing 32 children to go on a seaside trip to Littlehampton.

The charity works with young people who have suffered a beravement and need continued support. The charity brings together children and young people who feel alone and different, so that by sharing their experiences they can develop the tools to move forward in their lives.

The trip was a huge success and in true British tradition an initial thunderstorn gave way to sunshine in which to enjoy the fun fairs, crabbing, fish and chips and, of course, ice cream at the seaside.


The Foundation was delighted to receive wonderful feedback straight from the children who were able to go along:

“I got to go crabbing and I caught 4 crabs!” 

“I enjoyed going on the log flume, the fish and chips and playing in the sand and the sea.”

“I ate fish for the first time on this trip!”

“My favourite thing about the day was going in the sea and collecting sea shells.”

“I loved the arcade and I won a prize!”

“It was interesting seeing the lifeboats.”

“I loved looking at the windmills in the souvenir shop and I loved the food. I also really enjoyed the coach ride.”

“I loved going on the log flume, having great food and playing on the beach.”

Feedback from a parent: “Rain, sand, rides, fish and chips, ice cream, sun and swimming. Just a fantastic day!"