Rugby Support for Surrey Schools


With the Rugby World Cup due to be held in the Autumn of 2015 in the UK, the Patrick Evans Foundation is proud to be playing a small part in supporting rugby in two local educational establishments. We hope that our initiative will help spark or develop an interest in the sport for young people.

So far we have paid for 13 coaching sessions by a professional coach - Teo - at Reigate College and 6 sessions at St. Bede’s School in Redhill. In addition we have paid for six students at St. Bede’s to do two training sessions each in order to qualify to be able to coach rugby.

We have been able to arrange this with the help of Philip Smith and in association with The Old Reigatians Rugby Club.

The coaching has been incredibly well received from students incluidng Jacob Giles, 1st XV Captain at Reigate College:

“Teo has greatly helped our game at Reigate College, we have hugely progressed with his help and encouragement. Not only has he helped to inspire the boys but has given a structure to our game. Week in week out he is there helping coach us and giving us advice on what we can do to help our game and we are constantly improving with his help.”

1st XV winger Perry Kurn also said that the coaching had really hleped him develop his interest in the sport:

“Although I have only known Teo a short time he has really helped to inspire me and the rest of the backs With his past experience, he has taught us some really effective moves and acts more like a friend then a standard coach”

And finally pupils at St. Bedes's, where Patrick went to school, have also been enthused by the programme:

I am a student at St Bedes and have been selected to attend some rugby coaching sessions in memory of your son. I am so grateful for this opportunity and wanted to thank you very much. I am a very keen rugby player and am sure I will benefit immensely from this experience.