Sarcoma Fellowship


The Patrick Evans Foundation has agreed to part-fund a research fellowship for Sarcoma Cancer, starting in 2016.

Sarcomas are rare cancers that arise from bones and soft tissues in the body. They can occur at any age, but particularly affect teenagers and young adults. Treatment for early stage disease is with surgery, and often with radiotherapy. Radiotherapy aims to reduce the risk of a tumour growing back in the place where it originally developed, so helping to cure the cancer. However, radiotherapy does have side effects and so it is important to make it as safe as possible, trying to limit long term side effects. 

University College Hospital has a large Sarcoma Unit, and has been doing research into how to improve radiotherapy treatments for sarcoma patients. This is particularly important with the rapid increase in advanced radiotherapy techniques in recent years, and with proton beam radiotherapy coming to the UK in 2018. UCH is learning how to use these new techniques for the best benefit for its patients. 

The Foundation is donating £10,000 towards a year-long fellowship at UCH. In particular the Foundation has chosen to support UCH in its important work following the successful treatment of Patrick's cousin, Milos Maguire, for Sarcoma at UCH.

Milos Maguire was successfully treated for Sarcoma Cancer at UCH