Hatrick for Patrick


Two very close university friends of Patrick, Matthew Breen, and Mike Dennis (one of The Foundation Trustees) are completing two challenges in Autumn 2010 to raise funds for The Patrick Evans Foundation.

Their two challenges take place across three towns (Reigate, Paris, New York), three countries and involve cycling and running for over 300 miles.

 Mike Patrick and Matt On the 4th September they will cycle from Reigate, Surrey to Paris with a group of Patrick’s family and friends. The challenge will involve cycling 100 miles a day through the countryside of South-East England and Northern France, ending at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Then on the 7th November Mike and Matt will run the New York Marathon, in conjunction with the Greenhouse charity. The Greenhouse charity is a London based organisation which empowers young people through sport and performing arts, helping them to overcome adversity and achieve their goals. Greenhouse has values that support those of the Patrick Evans Foundation.

Mike and Matt together are aiming to raise £8000 for completing the two events across the three locations and you can support them at the following page: