Running for my brother




In Autumn 2007 I went running with my little brother. He was almost double my size, and worked out regularly, so I was nervous about taking him on my short route! I thought he would be much better than me and want to run at a much faster pace. But he didn’t. We ran together for most of the two-and-a-half miles, until the very last bit which was a long, steep hill back up to our house. I was unable to get up it and stopped. He tried so hard to encourage me to get up that hill but I couldn’t do it. Afterwards he was really positive, praised my pace and the length of my run. We kept meaning to run together again but we never got round to it – there was always something else to do, or somewhere else to be. My trainers ended up at bottom of my wardrobe.

Three years on my brother is no longer with me. But I am now running regularly and for the first time ever on Friday 31st April 2010 I managed to get up the hill I didn’t manage with Patrick two and a half years ago. And the only reason I got up it was because of Patrick.

Louise and Patrick

Michelle McWilliam, one of my University friends (a Birmingham Politics Graduate just like Patrick) came up with the idea of running a half-marathon for Patrick and persuaded me it would be good thing to sign up for ‘Run to the beat’ in London, at the end of September!

Laura Burton and Kathryn Curt, both of whom went to Birmingham University with Patrick (known as Paddy to them!) have agreed to join us and run in memory of their very special friend.

My mum, Catherine Evans, after spending 21 years running around after Patrick, has also decided to run the 13 miles with us to raise awareness of ‘The Patrick Evans Foundation’; the charity we have set up in Patrick’s name.

I am so very proud of what The Patrick Evans Foundation has achieved in under six months. I still get excited when I sell someone a keyring, when I get emails to or when somebody writes us a cheque!

Thankyou all so much for your support over the past year and a half. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve with the funds we raise over the weeks, months and years to come.

To sponsor my mum, Michelle, Laura, Kat and me, you can visit our page at: